In the past few weeks I've started on a new game for iPhone and iPad called SOLUS. It's a first person mystery/exploration game set aboard a space vessel in the near future. 

I had a lot of fun making qub so I thought I'd start on a new game... Almost exactly a year later! Along with working on SOLUS, I wanted to start a developer blog to document and record the process. It's something I didn't do the first time around but I think it can be therapeutic and a great way to pool the community and help make the game better than I could make it just by myself. 

everything shown here is pre-alpha and much of it will change/improve as development continues but nevertheless, here are some in-game screen shots! Enjoy.

The Room

A few months back I created a little first person puzzle game, mainly to try out some control mechanic ideas I had, as well as to work more on my C# programming skills, as qub was mostly written in Javascript and I wanted to get away from that. This is in no way a finished game, nor does it have anything to do with Tommy Viseau's film of the same name. This is more of a strange, buggy, prototype. Nonetheless, I want to share it because why not? In the Dropbox folder you'll find Mac and PC builds. Supports key/mouse or 360 controllers. Enjoy!

Download The Room Here.

qub, A Game About Symmetry and Survival!


Ask yourself...

Can I control two mirrored objects, steering them clear of incoming enemies (hell bent on exploding me into little pieces, mind you) long enough to activate my shield, circle around and blast those suckers to kingdom come?

Can I survive long enough to topple my best score, or am I forever cursed to try and fail?

Do I like facing off (literally) with my friends and watching their smiles fade as I show them who the real boss is? 

If your answer to any of the above questions was yes, ask your doctor if qub is right for you. Or, click the link below to grab it from the App Store.


60FPS on iPad and iPhone!

iCade Compatible!

3 Difficulty Modes!

Awesome Music!

Addicting Shared Screen Multiplayer On iPad!

Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements!

Challenge friends to beat your score!



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